Why Choosing A Professional Pet Sitter Matters


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Essential Things To Check When Hiring A Pet Sitter

Legal Compliance: Do they operate professional, legal, registered business complying with state laws? Check for a website or at a minimum a FB business page that is active.

Liability Insurance: Do they hold insurance and bonding for unforeseen incidents to cover both the pet parent & the sitter? Ask to see the certificate.

Formal Contract: Do they utilize a contract outlining services, policies, and expectations for both parties? Make sure you both agree.

Modern Scheduling: Do they utilize software for scheduling, tracking, and communication? If not, how can you view your schedule and how can they guarantee visits won't be missed?

Backup Plan: Do they have a contingency backup plan for emergencies or unforeseen events? What is that plan?

Continuing Education: Are they professionally trained by industry leaders? Do they stay updated with the latest in pet care and safety with continued education?

First Aid & CPR Certified: Are they certified in pet first aid & CPR? Ask them to show you their certification.

Client Reviews: Do they have "real" reviews from actual pet parents showcasing a consistent track record of success? Reviews on some "pet sitting" platforms can be faked.

Rates & Cancellations: Do they clearly outline rates, fees, and services in a professional manner? What is their cancellation policy?

Ethical Standards: Do they adhere to a code of conduct for pet care and professionalism?

Tips on Choosing the Right Pet Sitter

Discover the unmatched advantages of choosing a professional pet sitter over amateurs. Learn why Kim's Backyard & Barnyard Pet Sitting offers top-tier expertise, reliability, and tailored care for your pets. Explore below for insights on why professional care matters!

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Expertise Matters

Professional pet sitters are trained by industry leaders and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. They can identify subtle shifts in a pet's behavior that might indicate stress, illness, or discomfort. With a trained eye, they know how to detect signs of illness or if a pet is struggling and assess when a vet visit is necessary.

Amateurs (hobby sitters, teens, neighbors, etc.) mean well, but due to their lack of professional training, experience, and lack of awareness, may fail to notice changes in behavior, or dismiss them as temporary, which could lead to prolonged suffering or even worse for your pet.


Reliable & Dedicated

Professional pet sitters run their businesses as their careers, not side hustles. They generally utilize state-of-the-art software to communicate and manage every aspect of business. This means, no missed visits and no guessing if they were there. Committed to reliability, you can trust that they'll be there when they say they will. 

Amateurs (hobby sitters, teens, neighbors, etc.) might not match the availability and reliability your pets need. Their commitment might fluctuate based on other commitments or availability. Hanging out with friends may be more important, while your pets are alone at home for 12 hours!

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Prepared For Crisis

Hiring a professional pet sitter means you're not just hiring them for the visit where everything goes right. You're hiring them for the visit where everything goes wrong and their experience, insurance, and thorough training will make a difference, guaranteed! They can act swiftly performing necessary care as needed.

Amateurs (hobby sitters, teens, neighbors, etc.) can feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do, resulting in delayed response or improper handling of the emergency, potentially aggravating the pet's condition. For instance, missing the signs of bloat, heatstroke, seizure or a UTI.

Choose Wisely: Final Thoughts

As you consider entrusting someone with the care of your pets, remember that not all pet sitters are created equal. The distinction between a professional and an amateur goes beyond the title. It’s about expertise, preparedness, and the ability to safeguard your pet's well-being. Take the time to conduct thorough research, ask pertinent questions, and truly understand who you're welcoming into your home.

Your pets deserve the very best care. Ensure you choose wisely – because peace of mind and your pet's happiness depend on it!


"Recently moved to NC from out of state. We needed to hire a pet sitter for an upcoming trip, and of course, it can be stressful to figure out who to hire based on a search on Google. Especially when you’re new to an area and don’t know many people yet. I settled on Kim based on her excellent reviews. There is a reason that Kim is highly recommended. I NEVER wondered if my cats were ok while we were gone. Not once. Kim sent us reports via an app called Time to Pet for every visit made to our home, including photos and what she did for them during the visit. The app is insanely easy to use and I really like that it’s a one-stop shop for booking, payment, communication, etc. She is a true professional and excellent at what she does. If you’re currently looking for someone to take great care of your pets and home while on vacation, the search should end here. She truly is wonderful!"

Janell Feliciano

Cat Sitting

“Kim has watched our three cats on multiple occasions. Prior to using Kim’s services, we would fret to find a friend available to hire to watch our pets. This sometimes led to unneeded stress when planning or during a trip. Kim is a professional and takes the care of our cats seriously. She has always shown up during the time periods scheduled. She follows all of our care requests. The app she uses is a fantastic communication tool. Through the app we receive a report after every visit. In addition, Kim will often send an occasional photo or extra note from the visit. Most importantly, she has gotten to know our cats. Even our skittish kitty now comes out to greet Kim because she has become a familiar person. Kim’s Backyard & Barnyard Pet Sitting services make planning travel easier for us and our feline family members.”

Sandra I.

Service Area

Service area includes Wallburg, Winston Salem (27107 only), and limited areas of Kernersville.

Zoom in on map to pinpoint specific location. Please note that the map serves as a reference only and is not exact. Availability may vary by location.

Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding your location.

  • Wallburg (27373)
  • Winston-Salem (27107 only)
  • Kernersville (27285 & 27284)

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